Our team has authored several books on Financial Education for different age groups and stages of life. Brad's first book, "Let's Save America" was inspired by his early realization that everyone had the means to financial success if they only understood how to harness the power of compound interest. His second book, "Munny Journey" follows on the theme of compound interest by showing new parents how easy it is to provide financial security for their children for as little as one dollar a day. Darin's book, "Beer Money" was created from monthly market updates that he and Brad hosted at a local pub. Darin realized you could use something familiar to most people - beer - to explain financial concepts making them easier to understand and retain.

All of our clients are entitled to free copies of these books upon request. Simply visit the contact page and send us a message with the titles you are in interested in. 

"Let's Save America"

by Brad Dugdale

with Donald M. Ferrell

"Munny Journey"

by Brad Dugdale
"Beer Money"

by Darin Hayes

with Tara King