Our Process


Our practice consists of a team of financial professionals working with a select group of individuals and families who desire unbiased and trusted financial advice through all stages of life. Navigating financial markets and decisions is best done with an experienced guide and an established plan for life’s unexpected events. We serve as that guide for clients who want to outsource investment management and financial planning, leaving them the time to pursue the things in life they enjoy most. We believe this is part of the Idaho Advantage: combining an unmatched quality of life with a professional team to help you achieve any number of financial goals. To begin your journey, our process starts with “Discovery” to better understand the ways we can be of service based upon your goals and resources. 


There are no strictly defined parameters to this part of our process since every client has a unique set of circumstances and objectives. Discovery is best defined as a conversation. It can be a very simple conversation if there is one clearly defined goal, but often it is wide ranging to give us a better perspective of all your financial objectives and resources as well as your personal philosophy about money and anything that might keep you up at night. This is also a time for you to assess our team and the way we approach wealth management. We believe compatibility is an essential part of helping you achieve your objectives. The initial discovery conversation leads us to the “Development” stage of our process.


We use the information gathered in discovery for the design of a personal financial plan and the investment strategies to support it. The plan is dynamic, and as we work together over time, it continues to adjust to meet changing dreams, address new concerns, and tackle unforeseen challenges that might occur. 

We establish a strategy to maintain and build your wealth that is based on your financial situation, goals, and comfort level with risk. We have a suite of established investment strategies that can be combined or used independently to achieve goals and objectives. While each family’s circumstances are unique, our strategies have been developed to address common goals such as long-term growth of assets, retirement income, principal protection, inflation hedges and other specific goals such as education funding, charitable contributions or gifting for the next generation.


With the plan in place and an agreement on the investment strategies to be used to accomplish your goals we then implement those strategies and review them consistently with you over time. We also consider the type of account when developing and deploying strategies. Some strategies are more tax sensitive than others, so asset location can often be as important as asset allocation to help minimize taxes. Once strategies are deployed, we rely on an established review process to maintain the proper asset allocation and adjustments to holdings are made so that portfolios continue to meet investment objectives.